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Work Experience

Unfortunately, work experience for 2019/2020 had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.  In its place, 'My Week of Work' will run from 8th to 12th June 2020 and is offered to all year 10 students (and year 9 students to prepare them for  2020/21 careers activities whilst providing them with a valuable work insight. 

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Information for parents/ carers of students in Year 9 and 10 Student Guide - "My Week of Work" - 8th June 2020



Students at Winterbourne Academy have the opportunity to participate in a week long (up to) Work Experience placement as part of their ongoing careers education and preparation for the world of work.

The benefits of Work Experience for students:

  • Gain skills from researching and organising their placement;
  • Personal experience of the demands of being an employee;
  • Improves understanding of the employer’s sector of industry;
  • Improves awareness of routes into careers;
  • Develops key employability skills;
  • Improves confidence and independence;
  • Helps learning to be applied in the wider community and helps further progression;
  • Contributes towards academic achievement.

When to go:

Year 10 students will be allowed to take up a Work Experience placement during the following week in July 2020:


Part of the process is for students to find their own placements.  This can be done by students contacting companies by letter, email or telephone call.  As soon as work experience has been found, students need to fill out the mini survey below: 

Click here to complete the Work Experience Survey

 Details needed to complete the survey

  • Name of main contact at the company
  • Company name
  • Job role
  • Email address of the company contact 
  • Telephone number of the contact
  • Full address of the company

When the survey is complete, students will be able to get a card form to be filled out by parents and the company, then returned to reception.  It is important that students secure a placement by the end of March 2020 in order for school to ensure the relevant health and safety checks have been carried out

If students struggle to find a work placement, the academy will provide limited support to enable this to be done.

Thank you to the number of you who have been in contact with me already regarding this.  I am very happy that providing the work experience has been authorised with me, for certain “high value” work experiences to happen outside of the times listed above.  However, students will still need to find work experience on the official week in addition.


Work Experience Application Form (Word Document) - hard copies available from Main and Student Reception





For any questions relating to work experience, please contact:

    Mrs Sue Happy

    Careers and Partnerships Co-ordinator

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