Winterbourne Academy



 Year 10 students should choose a further 2 texts from the creative writing booklet and highlight the linguistic methods used to make the text have impact (the tasks that follow each text describe what to do).  Tasks also include writing in the style of your chosen text and highlighting your work for where you have deliberately used linguistic methods for impact. 

Please see below the creative writing booklet.

yr 10 creative writing hwrk.pdf



 Year 10 students should spend their time on HegartyMaths at  

Sets 1 and 2 need to complete tasks 233, 234, 238, 239, 241 and 242. Pick and chose from these tasks and use an hour.

Set 3 should to complete tasks 230, 235 and 241.

Sets 4 and 5 need to complete tasks 179, 180, and 182.

Sets 6 should complete tasks 178 and 179.


Please log-in to Tassomai and complete your daily and bonus goal. Remember if you get stuck on a question, please use Bitesize to help you. If you finish early, please answer more questions. Remember this improves your overall score and supports your progress in the App. Your science teacher will check that you have completed your bonus and daily goal.