Winterbourne Academy

Vision and Values

Our intention is that learners from all backgrounds and from all starting points can and will aim high, participate in school and community opportunities and thrive at Winterbourne. The curriculum we provide is constructed in order to help them do these things and to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge which will enable them to meet their potential and prepare effectively for the next steps in their lives.

We are a learning-centred school, where high-quality teaching and wider opportunities will help students of all abilities to achieve their ambitions. We believe in life-long learning and the promotion of meaningful values, to allow young people to become successful global citizens in a complex and challenging world. To do this, we will help them learn how to express themselves effectively and confidently, to compete effectively, and live ethically in their community and in society.

We will strive to identify aptitude, and to promote resilience and independence. Along with our “PRIDE” values, we will focus on social, moral, spiritual and cultural development to develop the whole child. These are a priority alongside academic knowledge and qualifications.

A positive attitude and a growth mind-set can open many doors in life, helping achieve happiness and fulfilment. We celebrate aptitudes, ideals and ambitions as well as academic excellence. Beyond individual ambition and the acquisition of knowledge, our curriculum will focus on communication and employability skills, encouraging an awareness and appreciation of scientific, artistic and sporting endeavour- and of spiritual and community life. Above all, we engender a sense of responsibility, community, collaboration and respect for others, an understanding of the universal human spirit, and a desire to make a positive difference.

We know that in adult life and the work-place, successful people will often be those who understand and demonstrate respect and tolerance for others and learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings and emotions meaningfully and appropriately. They understand the need for and follow society’s rules and expectations: they know that entitlement is often “earned”. We will place a high emphasis on encouraging, celebrating and rewarding positive behaviours and attitudes in all learners: irrespective of ability or background.


We will challenge and inspire learners to become the most important factor in their own success in and out of school
through our “PRIDE” values

Our values are formed from five words which encapsulate PRIDE: