Winterbourne Academy

Uniform and Equipment

Our uniform is a visible message of our organisational pride. We expect students to wear the correct school uniform while travelling to and from school.

Our uniform supplier is Monkhouse:

Winterbourne Academy Uniform

Compulsory school uniform



Monkhouse cost

Academy Blazer 


Academy Jumper


Compulsory branded item


from £33.00








from £18.75

White shirt


Long or short sleeved shirt, with collar, buttoned to the neck

No specific supplier





Year 7 Blue Stripe

Year 8 Green Stripe

Year 9 Red Stripe

Year 10 Silver Stripe

Year 11 – old Winterbourne tie







Branded skirt*

Compulsory branded item. Blue tartan skirt, knee length.




Compulsory grey trousers in a tailored straight legged style.

Tight fitting/skinny trousers, jeggings, items made from stretchy/jersey material or jeans style are not permitted. 


Suitable suppliers can be found here.


Plain, flat black shoes or trainers


with black/grey socks

Compulsory (trainers must be completely black). No boots or heels.

No specific supplier



A warm, weatherproof outdoor garment (Hoodies are not permitted).

No specific supplier


  PE Kit




PE T-shirt

Compulsory, branded blue short sleeved PE top



PE shorts

Compulsory unbranded item plain navy or black sports shorts (discreet sports labels, e.g. Nike, Adidas etc. are allowed)

No specific supplier


PE games socks

Optional item – navy games socks with a sky blue trim.



PE rugby top

Optional - branded



PE leggings

Optional item - plain navy leggings. No stripes permitted. (discreet sports labels, e.g. Nike, Adidas etc. are allowed)

No specific supplier

From £17.75 on Monkhouse

PE Jogging Bottoms


Optional unisex branded item- navy joggings bottoms


From £14.75

PE Training Trousers

Optional unisex branded item- navy training trousers. 


From £21.25

PE hoody

Optional WA branded blue hoody



Astro boots (any colour)

Compulsory item

Boots must be suitable for the all-weather pitch

No specific supplier



Compulsory item

Plain navy or black one piece swimsuit or trunks


No specific supplier


Optional uniform 




Tailored shorts

Optional- unbranded item. Traditional tailored school shorts in dark grey colour (non-tailored shorts are not permitted).


£15.75 -£16.95

*Learners can choose between a skirt or trouser option.

To view our uniform policy please click here.

A second hand uniform shop is being organised by the Friends of Winterbourne Academy. More details to follow.     


If your child is in receipt of free school meals, or, you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit and the household income is less than £16,190.00, please complete the application form attached here

Why do we have a uniform policy?

It is important that the standard of uniform reflects a pride and sense of belonging in our school and presents our students in the best possible light to visitors and the wider community. It contributes to our ethos and sets an appropriate tone, supporting positive behaviour and discipline. It also supports you all in learning how to dress appropriately for your future employment and education. It makes sure that no one feels “different” – we are all part of the same community.


We have high expectations about students being ready and prepared for their learning through having the correct stationery and writing materials to support them in class and at home.

Students should be equipped with a pencil case containing the following basic equipment

  • Black or blue pen
  • Purple pen
  • Pencil
  • Whiteboard marker/pen
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Highlighters 
  • Glue stick
  • Scientific calculator


  • Jewellery:  one pair of small discreet studs worn in the lower lobe of the ear only (not the upper ear or tragus) and one watch worn on the wrist.  Facial or tongue piercings are NOT permitted (clear nose piercings are permitted)
  • Hair to be of a natural colour and extreme styles are not permitted
  • Long hair must be tied securely in practical lessons, to avoid being caught in equipment, and in PE lessons
  • Minimal make-up can be worn but must be discreet.  False eyelashes are not permitted
  • Nails to be neat and short.  Nail extensions and nail varnish are not permitted
  • Chewing gum is banned from the Academy site

Outdoor Clothing

We ask that items of outdoor clothing (i.e. coats, scarves) are removed inside the buildings.

Phones, Headphones and Electronic devices

In order to focus on Teaching and Learning, we aim to minimise distractions in lessons.

We ask that students keep Phones, Headphones and any kind of electronic device switched off and stored in their bags or lockers throughout the school day. Your support with this is appreciated. Students found with any of these devices during the school day will have the equipment confiscated and placed in Main School Reception. They will be able to reclaim their effects at the end of the school day which will have been stored securely in labelled envelopes for ease of identification. Refusal to surrender a confiscated device will result in further sanctions.

Water Bottles

Students are permitted to fill water bottles during break and lunch times only, There are sufficient water dispensers to allow this to happen and would be grateful of your support in encouraging your child to follow these guidelines.