Winterbourne Academy

Introducing the Winterbourne Academy Reading Passport

Welcome to the Winterbourne Academy Reading Passport! This passport contains reading recommendations for Year 7 readers right through to Year 13 readers. There is a fantastic range of books to get your teeth stuck into and something for everyone.

As the passport progresses, the texts become more complex, controversial and challenging to read. When you start, you are advised to begin with texts from the first few pages. The books before the non-fiction section are best for KS3 pupils and those after are best for KS 4 & 5 pupils.

The English Team and your tutors are familiar with many of the books on this passport, so if you need to ask for any recommendations, we are happy to discuss your choices with you. You can also use the key at the back to give you the genre of each book.

Reading will be the only homework that the English team will give you in Years 7-9 but the expectation is that you will read a minimum of 5 books every year (or 4 if you choose particularly weighty or complex books).

In addition, it is your aim to read 16 of the titles in this passport before you reach your 16th birthday and 18 before your 18th birthday. Their will be rewards along the way for anyone who has read a wide range of texts and those who have reached 16 texts before their 16th birthday.

Good luck and happy reading!


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