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At Winterbourne Academy we provide a comprehensive Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme for every year group.

Most people spend many years of their life in a working environment and it is therefore important to equip our students with the necessary skills for them to make decisions about their future, to know how and where to access information and to link subject areas and qualifications with possible careers.

Good quality Careers Education will raise the aspirations of and help our students to become effective career planners and managers of their own progression through learning and work. It will increase motivation by linking activities in school with preparation for life Post 16 and Post 18. By providing quality information, advice and guidance, our aim is to raise students’ aspirations and ambitions for their futures and increase confidence, whilst offering equality of opportunity for all. 

Our careers programme is supported by our business volunteers from the local area who regularly  participate in the careers activities, provide Industry talks and workshops and share their knowledge and skills with students. We run regular Business Networking events throughout the year to recruit Business volunteers and further develop our existing Business links. If you have your own business or work in an organisation and are interested in coming along to one of our events, please contact a member of the Careers Team.

Winterbourne Careers Team

Name Role Email Phone
Mrs Sarah Webber Careers Lead 01454 252000 Ext 4014
Mrs Julie Brookman Careers Coordinator (Mon-Wed)  01454 252000 Ext 4014
Mrs Julie Hembrough Careers Coordinator (Wed-Fri)  01454 252000 Ext 4014

We assess the impact of our careers programme on our students by completing an annual 'Future Skills' student survey via Compass+ and analysing destinations data in line with activities that they have taken part in throughout the academic year. In addition, the views of students and parents are surveyed after key events e.g. the Year 12 Careers Coffee Morning and Year 10 Work Experience. For more information, please refer to section 11of our Careers Guidance Policy. 

Winterbourne Academy Careers Student Learning Journey

Winterbourne Academy Careers Programme

Provider Access Statement

Careers Guidance Policy 

 For any questions relating to careers, please contact:

    Mrs Sarah Webber

    Careers Lead

Tel: 01454 252000 –


Support for Students





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How Can Parents Help

As a parent, you are incredibly influential when it comes to the decisions your child makes in all areas of their lives and that is especially true when it comes to their education and careers. We know that the choices which are open to your child today may be very different from when you were in their position and you may feel as if you’re unsure about what advice to offer.

With that in mind, we want to try and make it as easy as possible for you to talk to your child about their options confidently; knowing that the information you have is as accurate and as up to date as possible.

Download Labour Market Information from West of England/docs/WECA_LMI_Career_Pack_-_Jan_23.pptx

Support materials and useful articles

Work Experience, Careers and Apprenticeship Opportunities:


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